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Frequently asked questions

How much do the discs cost?

This varies depending upon our contract with the particular university.

Please click on our "Order DVD" page and select your university and ceremony date and time. The website will then confirm the price of the disc. You are under no obligation to buy, if you do not wish to continue with the purchase just exit the page.

What coverage of the ceremony do you provide?

All our discs have an introductory section with views of the campus and surrounding area. How extensive this is depends upon the requirements of the individual university. If the ceremony involves a formal procession, this will also be covered. The disc then includes the entire ceremony from start to finish.

Immediately after the ceremony we film a few minutes coverage of the "informal" celebrations as graduates re-join their guests in and around the ceremony venue.

Can I collect my order after my ceremony?

We’d be delighted if you could collect your order from us after your ceremony, or at any other time during the days when graduation ceremonies are taking place. You find our sales desk conveniently placed at or near the ceremony venue.

Once the ceremony days are over we return to our base in Yorkshire. You won’t be able to collect your order and we will post your order to you. Any uncollected orders are posted out as soon as we are able, and always within 28 days of your order being received.

How much do you charge for postage?

All orders are posted out free of charge. Overseas orders are sent by standard air mail service.

If your delivery address is in the Middle or Far East, or in Africa, we can send your order by tracked courier service (DHL) for a supplemental charge of £50.

How soon do you have the discs ready?

DVDs are normally ready within 90 minutes of the end of each ceremony. Blu-ray discs are normally ready 24 hours later, but this does depend upon a number of factors and cannot be guaranteed. We prioritise on DVD production as this is currently our main market.

I haven’t ordered a disc in advance, can I still collect one if I decide I want a disc?

Of course you can. Although you can place your order in advance via our website, we will have large stocks of discs for every ceremony, so come along and see us at our sales point and we should be able to supply you with the disc you require.

If I don’t collect my order, how quickly do you post the discs out?

We start posting the discs as soon as we return to our base. Normally we’d have all orders despatched within a week of us returning to base.

Due to the seasonality of the graduation ceremonies, there are times when our schedule takes us straight from one university to the next with no opportunity to pack and post orders, so we do specify that our customers should allow 28 days for delivery.

What should I do?…. I haven’t received my order and 28 days have elapsed.

When you order a disc we provide you with a numbered receipt with our contact details on it.

Please get in touch with us, ideally by e-mail, quoting your receipt number, the university name, the date and time of your ceremony and your delivery address. We'll find out what has happened and make sure you receive your order.

We do receive a lot of phone calls during the graduation season and our answerphone fills up! Fortunately, most of the calls relate to questions such as "How much are your discs?" and "Is it too late to order a disc?", but this does mean that problems relating to the non-delivery of an order can become buried in a host of other calls, so please help us to provide the level of service we would like and contact us by e-mail. Our address is: sales @achievementtv.co.uk

My order has arrived, but you’ve sent me the wrong disc... what should I do?

Unfortunately this does happen from time to time. Please let us know, ideally by e-mail, and we’ll get the correct disc sent out to you immediately.

I didn't play my DVD until all the family were present on Christmas Day, and I found that the disc stops playing after 45 minutes... What should I do?

Although every disc is automatically checked before despatched, the odd "rogue" disc can get through. Please check your disc as soon as you can so that, in the unlikely event of a problem, we can resolve it before it becomes a tragedy!

How long do you keep stocks of the graduation ceremony DVDs?

We normally have stocks of every ceremony we have ever filmed, but they are stored in an archive and can take some time to find and prepare for despatch. You will find that we only allow you to order discs from the previous 12 months on our website, so if you would like a disc from a ceremony which took place more than 12 months ago please send us your details in an e-mail.

If you would like a disc that is over 12 months old we will do our best to give you prompt service, but if you are placing your order within our peak season (June-August and November – February) there may be a serious delay before we can look into your requirements. During the "season" our resources are fully committed to fulfilling the orders for our most recent ceremonies.

Can I download a copy of my ceremony from your website?

Under normal circumstances, no. Under very specific circumstances we can arrange for this service to be provided, for example if we have tried to send you your order more than once and for some reason it is not being delivered to you.

I’m told if I order a Blu-ray disc, I’ll get a DVD free of charge... is this correct?

Yes. Because there may be times when we have DVDs ready but are waiting for the Blu-ray discs to be prepared, we provide a free DVD to our Blu-ray customers so that they have something to watch while they await the arrival of their Blu-ray disc. If you order a Blu-ray disc you will automatically receive a DVD of the same ceremony free of charge.

What is a Blu-ray disc?

A Blu-ray disc is the high definition version of a DVD. The picture quality of a Blue-ray disc (BD) is roughly five times better than that of the DVD version. The actual coverage of the event on the Blu-ray and DVD discs is the same.

Blu-ray discs have to be played on a Blu-ray player or on a computer with a Blu-ray drive and appropriate player software. A Blu-ray disc will not play on a DVD player. Our Blu-ray discs will not play on a games console such as a Playstation or X-Box.

My Blu-ray disc will not play on my Play Station or X-Box.

Because our Blu-ray discs are produced in limited quantities the duplication process we adopt means that the discs will not play on a games console. This is an issue beyond our control and we apologise for any inconvenience this might cause. Our Blu-ray discs should play in any Blu-ray player or computer equipped with a Blu-ray drive and appropriate disc player software.

I don’t live in the UK and have a different television system to the UK (Pal) system... What can you offer me?

If your delivery address is a country with the NTSC TV standard (eg the USA, Canada or Japan) we will automatically send you the NTSC version of the DVD. If you are playing your DVD or Blu-ray disc in an appropriately equipped computer, the UK version of the disc should play anywhere in the world.

Blu-ray discs are not affected by variations in TV standards and are the same throughout the world, however commercial discs do have region coding (A, B and C) to restrict them so that they can only be played in certain countries.

Our Blu-ray discs are "Region Free" and should play in any country throughout the world, but in practice we have found that some brands of Blu-ray player insist on the Blu-ray disc having the code for a particular country.

If you encounter problems playing your Blu-ray disc in a Blu-ray player you purchased outside the UK please let us know, preferably by e-mail, and we will do our best to resolve the problem.

What is the best way to contact Achievement TV Ltd?

Please send us an e-mail to sales@achievementtv.co.uk quoting your university name, ceremony date and time and your delivery address. Outside of our busy period (June - August and November - February) we will normally respond to you within 24 hours. During our busy period it may take up to 7 days for us to respond as we have to prioritise on filming ceremonies and posting out discs.